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  Understanding customer's process applications and automation needs is critical in providing       optimised control solutions. Selection of appropriate hardware and intelligent & smart methods in   programing result in outstaning process control systems. Decades of  hands on experience on   multitude critical process units have fortified the strength of our engineering team to deliver   unparalled solutions to our valued customers.  

   our  industrial automation services include:

  • PLC based control systems

  • ​Design of Process Controls and Instrumentation

  • ​Control Panel Engineering

  • PLC Programing

  • HMI and Touch Panel Programing

  • SCADA Systems

  • Alarm Notification Systems

  • Auto-paging Systems

  • Management Information Systems (MIS)

  • ​Reprot Generation Systems

  • ​Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • ​Web based Application Systems

  • System Auditing Services

  • Systems Migration Services

  • ​System Upgradation Services